TEI Standoff Markup Workgroup

The TEI Workgroup on Standoff Markup was chartered in May 2002, and was chaired by David Durand. The group completed its work in October, 2004.

Documents and Resources

Working Papers and Drafts

ED W 74
Charge to the Workgroup
SO W 01
Differences Between XPointer and the TEI Extended Pointer Mechanism This document has been superceded by TEI SO W 02, below.
SO W 02
White paper on issues, particularly ID v. XPointer. Last updated 19 Nov 03.
SO W 03
Re-work of SA (chapter 14). Last updated Sat, 02 Oct 04. This document has been incorporated into the current TEI P5 draft, available in the most recent release or from the Sourceforge repository. See further P5 information.
SO W 04
Notes on Media formats and XPointer . Last updated Fri, 17 Oct 03.
SO W 05
Corpus Applications . Last updated Thu, 06 Nov 03.
SO W 06
Stand-off Markup . Last updated Tue, 06 May 03.
SO W 07
Graphs . Last updated Fri, 02 May 03.
SO W 08
Updates to the Handling of Canonical References . Originally concieved as a replacement for P4 chapter 32 Algorithm for Recognizing Canonical References, this paper will likely be wrapped into updated sections of what is now P4 chapter 5.3.5 The Reference System Declaration) and the replacement for what is now P4 chapter 14 Linking, Segmentation, and Alignment (see SO W 03, above). Last updated Tue, 06 May 03
SO W 09
Basic working decisions on pointing and linking . This document includes additional discussion of the IDREFS and main pointing attribute name issues as requested by Council. Last updated Sat, 02 Oct 04

Meeting Minutes

Tools and Miscellanea

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