TEI Workgroups

The following workgroups have concluded their activity:
Ad-hoc committee on TEI for Google Books
This group (James Cummings, Martin Holmes, Kevin Hawkins, and Laurent Romary) was charged in September 2011 with providing guidance to an engineer from Google who is working on adding TEI as an export format for Google Books. Its work was taken over by the TEI sub-group of the Google Library Quality working group (composed of representatives of Google's Library Partners).
Ad-hoc Committee on Encoding of Bibliographic Citations
This subgroup of the Council (Martin Holmes, Kevin Hawkins, and Laurent Romary) was charged in February 2010 with writing a proposal to make it clear how to use biblScope for various types of bibliographic citations. The committee has expanded its mission to include a clarification on recommended use of bibl, biblStruct, and biblFull and their child elements. It completed its work in March 2013.
Personography Workgroup
Chartered in January 2006; chaired by Matthew Driscoll.
Physical Bibliography Workgroup
Chartered in May 2004; chaired by Murray McGillivray.
Character Encoding Workgroup
Chaired by Christian Wittern; completed its recommendations in January 2005.
Feature Structures Workgroup
A joint activity with ISO/TC 37/SC 4 to revise the two chapters of the Guidelines on feature structures and propose a version of these chapters as ISO 24610; completed its work in October 2005.
Metalanguage Workgroup
Tasked to produce recommentatiosn on the XML vocabulary and other mechanisms used to encode the Guidelines. Chaired by Sebastian Rahtz; completed tasks in February 2005.
Migration Workgroup
Tasked to produce recommendations on conversion of legacy TEI data from SGML to XML. Chaired by Chris Ruotolo; completed tasks in January 2005.
Stand-Off Markup Workgroup
Chaired by David Durand.
Manuscript Description Task Force
Completed December 2005.