TEI META Task Force

The TEI META Task Force was chartered in February 2003, and chaired by Sebastian Rahtz. The group was charged with investigating the revision of the markup used for the TEI Guidelines, according to the following assumptions:
  • The ODD format should be revised to be entirely independent of the SGML/XML notation for DTDs
  • The ODD format and the current TEI DTD for tag documentation (TSD) should be combined into a single standard TEI tagset useable as a ‘pizza topping’.
  • The new notation should be based on one of the XML schema languages.
  • Additional processors should be created to make not only XML DTDs (and possibly SGML as well), but also at least one XML schema format.
  • Where possible, data types should be converted to use the datatype library of the W3C.
  • The Pizza Chef should be rewritten to allow user choice of DTD or schema output.
  • The output should be a new version of the TEI Guidelines source and associated tools.

The META task force completed its work in February 2005.

Task Force Members

  • Alejandro Bia
  • David Durand
  • Sebastian Rahtz (Chair)
  • Laurent Romary
  • Michael Sperberg-McQueen
  • Norman Walsh
  • Christian Wittern
  • Syd Bauman (ex officio)
  • Lou Burnard (ex officio)

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