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This page contains archived material from the Text Encoding Initiative. For the period covering the first ten years of its existence, between 1988, the date of the Poughkeepsie Conference and 1999, when the process of setting up the TEI Consortium began, it has been assembled piecemeal from a variety of servers and personal collections, but derives chiefly from the excellent listserv archive maintained at Chicago for the majority of this period by Wendy Plotkin.

No claim is made that the material preserved here is in any way complete, but we have done our best to track down and salt away here the primary sources making up the TEI's history. If you have, or know of others who have, copies of original TEI documents not available here, please get in touch: webmaster AT tei-c DOT org.

The 1987–1998 part of the Archive reflects the original working committee structure of the TEI. In it, documents are listed by TEI document number, an indexing scheme devised early on by Michael Sperberg-McQueen, which groups documents by their origin (a two or three character code indicating a committee or workgroup) and type (M for minutes, W for working paper, P for proposal etc.). Numbers are (usually) assigned chronologically within each resulting prefix.

Documents currently in production or currently active are not included here, but are linked to from the TEI home page.

Note: This area was formerly known as the “TEI Vault”, hence the URL. Any references you may see elsewhere to the Vault refer to this archival space.