Text Encoding Initiative

3. Un-numbered reports, articles, presentations etc.

A cumulative listing of publications and presentations by key TEI personnel, maintained by Wendy Plotkin and last updated in May 1998 is available here. It is in sore need of updating: if you have suggestions, please get in touch: web AT tei-c.org

Here are a number of reports on TEI-related events and activities not collected elsewhere:

  1. SGML on the Web: too little too soon, or too much too late? Lou Burnard, HCU (Prepared for presentation at BELUX SGML Users Group Meeting, Oct 31 1996) in TEI Lite in HTML
  2. Report on TEI Workshop at Groningen, November 1995 Lou Burnard, HCU in TEI Lite in HTML
  3. Textual Criticism and the Text Encoding Initiative C. M. Sperberg-McQueen (First draft of a paper presented at MLA, San Diego, 1994) in TEI Lite in HTML

Various other talks

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