The TEI SongBook

Unquestionably one of the high spots of the TEI 10th Anniversary Conference held at Brown University in 1997 was the lunchtime performance by Brown's very own Ursa Minors of a selection from the expanding TEI Songbook. Thanks to the miracles of modern technology, you can now hear that performance in the privacy of your own headphones, while at the same time reading the cool lyrics composed by Syd Bauman and Julia Flanders.

Oh, and if you feel that your own company song doesn't fit the needs of your workgroup and you want something more SGML- or XML-specific to sing each morning, check out Tony Graham's excellent SGML/XML songs page, which has transcripts of these songs and a whole lot more besides.

Songs from TEI 10

Clicking on the links below will download an MP3 file for each song; or you download all five MP3s at once. You can also download all the lyrics in TEI Lite (P4) XML.

Selected lyrics copyright 1997 by Syd Bauman & Julia Flanders.

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